About Us

There are many times that I have looked in the mirror and just thought, "damn! This outfit just isn't cutting it!"
It's frustrating. I feel as though I'm not looking good enough for the world that day.
I love material things, I can't lie to you. We all do. It's a great feeling to have that new bag that goes with everything and gets you all the compliments. I understand how the right pair of earrings or the perfect shades can make all the difference between hot and SMOKIN'.
Coco's Box is my statement to the world. My stamp on the paper that says, I'm gonna be myself yesterday, tomorrow and all the todays in between. This is what I want for every woman that comes to my site. To be able to be confidently and unapologetically individual.
So girl you get that new handbag today, flash it on your arm tomorrow as your personal statement to the world and let the compliments roll in!
Our mission here at Coco's Box is to help our customers to confidently and unapologetically be exactly who they want to be today and everyday. It's no lie that if we look good, we feel good. If our accessories have completed an outfit to the point where you can look in the mirror and say, "Damn, I feel good today!" Then we've achieved our goal. Every one of our carefully chosen accessories individualise each outfit effortlessly. Leaving our customers safe and confident in the knowledge that they look great on all the todays and can focus on being what we truly love best, themselves.
The Box just holds the style. You live outside of it.


~ Coco