Coco, Outside The Box. Edition #1


Hi, Coco here! Welcome to the first edition of my Blog: Coco, Outside the Box! I'm so excited to share with you trendy outfit ideas, ways to accessorise and my personal tips on how to live a life outside of the box. Coco's got ya back!

A little about me

Growing up I felt very intimidated by others to fit inside their boxes. I was so shy and desperate to fit in that I would hide my true self and limit my self-expression. I would have done pretty much anything; listened to whatever kind of music, said whatever I could to make them like me. Hell, I’d even try to dress more like these people. None of it seemed to work. I could never understand why until I realised, as Skepta said so famously, that’s not me.
Instead of spreading myself thin trying to be everyone else; once I came to university, I began accepting myself. As a result I’m (even now) budding into the brightest flower on the flamboyant tree. On. Top. Of. That - I have actually managed to find serenity.

What’s this? Oh just a party of flamboyant trees, livening up this person’s journey home. 

AAAAAND onto the fashion

It's no surprise to me that fashion trends are beginning to brighten up as we meekly bat our eyes and awaken our bodies to spring.
Being a very exuberant and colourful person myself, this fashion season is a wonderful way for me and anyone else that is likeminded, to look forward to popping pastels and brighter days.

Pastels be poppin’! Céline defines CEO chic in this ss18 collection.

Flashbacks from the eighties, the world's most talented fashion designers have collected the very best of the decade and transformed them into the vision which is Spring/Summer 2018. Shall we take a look at the runway collections?

I was always a lover of baby blue… Chanel just confirmed that with their Paris ss/18 collection.

Oh now they’re just teasing me!

Looking in my wardrobe, there is one outfit in particular that beams at me, ready to be worn for any and all occasions.


Mixing and matching this particular outfit was so much fun.

I absolutely love a good pantsuit. And I know I'll be thanking the stars every day of spring for this pantsuit combo coming in style.


The sleek, stylish sunglasses I got here at Coco's Box in Nude.

Pink isn't the only pastel being worn this season. All the ice cream colours you can think of are on the table. So, I suggest you dig through that box that has been sat at the back of your closet for two years and see what can be salvaged.

After all, being a student can mean having to splurge AND having to save (sometimes even at the same time).

I would absolutely love to see what you can create with what you have in your closet. Make sure to drop a pic in the comments below👇🏾. Don't forget about accessorising! Always remember, accessories can often mean the difference between basic and boujie! If you would like to see some of the eye catching accessories I wear, check out my website:! If you're like me and want to splurge but have to save, check out our new seasons sale.

BTW, before I forget, here's a code for 10% OFF your first order at Coco's Box: FIRST10

Told you I've got ya back 😉

Always remember: the box just holds the style, you live outside of it.

Let me know what you guys thought about my first ever blog post! And if there’s anything you want me to cover, I’ll do my best to get it written!

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